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Heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning deal with the thermodynamic properties of fluids, which can be in gaseous or liquid form.

Their control has an important bearing on our comfort, our environment, and on the production of our products. The engineering, design, and application of equipment and systems that produce and maintain these often critical conditions are an important part of the total package of our design services.

Our design and application specialists have a total of over 120 years of experience in the HVAC industry, specializing in applications with challenging requirements. We have many years of experience serving a wide variety of companies in the New England area. Since 1950, the J. Lawrence Hall Company has had a registered Professional Engineer on staff, providing engineering oversight of critical projects. As the need for mechanical drawings carrying an Engineer’s stamp becomes increasingly commonplace, we are able to fulfill this requirement with in-house personnel.

The Art & Science of Heating, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Ventilation

It is our point of view that innovative engineering is what translates the art and science of heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, and ventilation into a usable asset that successfully serves the needs of our clients. We proudly stand by our motto, “Better Performance Through Better Engineering.”

However, this is more than just an advertising slogan. It is our deeply held philosophy that guides us when working with clients and partners.

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