Industrial Ventilation Systems

General ventilation controls heat, odors, and hazardous chemical contaminants that could affect health and safety of workers, as well as the proper and efficient execution of the production process.

J. Lawrence Hall Company can help you provide general ventilation for your facility using the right combination of the following systems:

  • Mechanical supply-air system
  • General exhaust-air system
  • Local exhaust system
  • Make-up air system

Often, industrial ventilation systems handle simultaneous exposure to heat and hazardous substances. Ventilation alone is frequently inadequate in meeting heat stress standards.

Optimum solutions may involve:
  • Spot cooling
  • Radiation shielding
  • Changes in work rest patterns

For safe, effective operations, and to comply with building codes, make-up air is required to replace the exhaust air. This is either through systems designed to recover energy in the exhaust air or by direct air makeup to the building.

J. Lawrence Hall Company is ready to talk with you regarding your specific concerns. We make the decision-making process easy by providing expert advice and the right solution for your application.

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