Offices and Manufacturing Facilities

J. Lawrence Hall Company has vast experience in designing and installing HVAC systems for both office complexes and manufacturing facilities.

Each of these demands different engineering and design practices.

Office Buildings

services-air-conditioner-installationThe variety of functions and design criteria applicable to office buildings today has allowed the use of almost every type of air conditioning system. In addition to the typical office building floor plan, there are often retail stores, restaurants, data processing centers, and other types of occupancy as part of the office building complex. Each has its own special HVAC requirements to consider. A typical office building has a people load whose productivity and comfort must be assured by systems that provide proper control of:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Ventilation
  • Indoor air quality

Organizations must ensure that the design of HVAC systems are flexible enough to accommodate floor plan alterations as changes in tenant requirements occur during the building’s life.

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities usually require specific environmental conditions depending on the process and product being manufactured. More than ever before, close control of temperature and humidity is required for a production process. Products used in the electronics, telecommunication, and biochemical fields must be manufactured in specially designed clean rooms. Manufacturers must remove contaminants released as a result of a manufacturing process through proper ventilation and exhaust.

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